Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chengdu's March Jazz Update

Now that the New Year vacation is over and students are back in Chengdu for classes my work as a private teacher can resume. I like teaching for two reasons. 1) If for whatever reason gigs thin out, it's a great subsidy. 2) It brings new found interest and understanding, as well as future performers to Chengdu's currently meager jazz scene.

This school term I'm optimistic I can attract a lot more students. The head of the music conservatory attended our last gig and apparently enjoyed what he heard. He has invited me to teach a master class at the university at the end of this month. We also played a show at the school in December (right before everyone left for the New Year) and hopefully the buzz it generated has lingered through the winter.

Between the increase in gigs and the potential to teach a lot more students, March is heading in like a lion for the Chengdu jazz scene! And as my long time readers may remember, there's still that looming idea of opening a jazz bar this spring.


Josh said...

Glad to hear all is going well, Josh. Good luck with all the plans for opening that jazz stuff in the Spring.

chicanohek said...

yo. I just found your blog and it sounds like you got your work cut out for you!

Keep the scene going in the 'dew!


P.S. Are there any chinese jazz artists that you would recommend?

Anonymous said...

Thought you might be interested in a story about the rock scene in Beijing/Qingdao.


Josh Katz said...

Josh- Good to hear from you! Too bad we couldn't meet up farwest China. Have you heard of Sayram Lake?? Amazing.

Chicanohek- Check out a guy named Lawrence Ku. He plays guitar in Shanghai at the JZ club.

Hopfrog- Thanks for the note.. My old mac is having trouble with that video right now but I'll be sure to check it out