Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Chinese Blog

For anyone who might be interested I just started a second blog, but this one's entirely in Chinese. It's not really about anything- kind of like Seinfeld in that respect, although I'm not sure how funny it is. For now I'm basically using it as an outlet to practice my Chinese, impress my parents, and hopefully eventually use it to attract some local interest in what I'm doing with jazz here. Check it out if you're interested: 驾驶猫博客(Josh's Blog)


Another "Jia Shi" said...

As a person in China who shares your first name, I'm curious about the selection of Chinese characters used to make up your name "jia shi". I've been called "jia shi" for a couple years now, but they've never written it like that. Is the "mao" a necessary part of the name and is there any significance in meaning to the whole thing?

Josh Katz said...

Actually it's kind of an inside joke.. I recently met a man who couldn't pronounce my name right and decided to just call me Jia Shi (驾驶). And the Mao part is just a translation of my last name- Katz. Which Jia Shi are you??